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United States close Embassies due to Terror Threats

Embassies residing in the middle east and parts of Asia have been instructed to close down on Sunday August 4th after intelligence force’s warnings were received of suspected Al Qaeda planned terror attacks.

Aug 03, 2013, 11:52PM | Ariel Ben-Moshe

The United States declared a terrorist alert in all the Middle Eastern US embassies, including the one in Israel. The U.S State Department issued an official statement proclaiming the temporary shut down of some embassies in the Middle East for precautionary measures. 

The American Embassy in Tel Aviv

The American Embassy in Tel Aviv Photography: Channel 2 News

NBC reported that the warnings of terror threats made are closely linked to all organizations link to Al Qaeda. For now the announcement states the embassies will only close on Sunday, but there is a possibility the shut down will continue, depending on incoming intelligence information.

The Embassies anticipated to close this Sunday are: Abu Dhabi, Baghdad, Cairo, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and of course, Israel. A state department spokesperson said that, “out of caution and care for our employees and our guests, the information we have received indicates that we must be careful with what steps we take”.

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama Photography: Channel 2 News

U.S officials claim that the sources of the threats (organizations linked to Al Qaeda) are trying to hurt United States diplomats in the world. Sunday is also going to be president Obama’s 52nd birthday, so we can only hope that no terror attacks will interfere with the celebrations. In addition, it will be Hassan Rohani’s first official day as the newly elected president of Iran.  

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