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Op-Ed: Trump or the US, one of them needs to quit

Kurdish legal consultant, writer and journalist Chiman Salih weighs in on the audio recording from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s past that recently surfaced and made international headlines. According to Salih, if Trump becomes president, he will never be taken seriously in regards to any issue related to women now that the whole world has heard this recording.

The Trump audio recording from 2005

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America is the superpower of the world and has effective institutions that can protect their interests. If Donald Trump wins the US presidential election, he might be able to do many good things. As we have seen from his statements and the way he handles himself in the debates, he has a special personality. Sometimes, people like him make great decisions and are characterized as courageous. But I believe that Trump is not qualified to be the president of the United States.

The voices in favor of dumping Trump are increasing from within the Republican Party due to his misogyny and vulgar comments against women. According to the Hill, three GOP senators called on Trump to leave the party’s presidential ticket. Two House members have rescinded their endorsements of Trump and conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt has called on him to leave the presidential race.

According to Nina Easton, a senior-level editor and columnist for Fortune Magazine, “Trump's misogynistic shots at Fox News host Megyn Kelly are just the tip of the iceberg.” So, the audio tapes that recently surfaced and revealed that Trump’s offensive comments towards women should not come as a surprise.

In light of these statements, his chances of getting to the White House have totally dropped. If the Republican Party could find its way out of the legal dilemma of replacing him with another candidate, it would most likely be a gain for them.

According to Politico, “lawyers for the Republican Party’s special legal committee are trying to figure out if there is a way to put forward another nominee just one month from Election Day."

However, this would be difficult and in the end, it depends on whether or not Trump decides to drop out. Moreover, Trump said in his latest statements that he doesn’t plan on quitting. So, if the Republicans want him to withdraw, they will have to work hard at persuading him.

Trump and Clinton Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Trump has apologized for his vulgar statements. However, while this apology regarding an assault against women might have been accepted if it came from an ordinary person or even some public figures, it cannot be accepted from someone who is seeking to be the leader of America. This is because there are thousands of vulnerable women in the world looking for the US to defend them.

Is it logical to ask the question about how to bringing justice for the thousands of women who became the victims of ISIS rape crimes and sex enslavement to one like Trump? Is he qualified to speak about this issue after what came out of his mouth? The horrendous crimes committed by ISIS can only be ordered and planned by someone who states similar things or thinks the same thoughts. However, I do doubt that ISIS terrorists would apologize for these statements like Trump did.

How does Trump plan to make the world respect him on any issues related to women after what he said? In a case like this one, it's better for America to quit its leading role in the global humanitarian and human related issues. Because the world will not respect Trump as president in this domain and he would be very fragile in front of the enemies of humanity and a more balanced world in terms of gender and equality.

Trump and Clinton Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Trump was always alleging that the election has become a trial for sexism because if Hillary Clinton is elected, she will be the first woman president of the US. However, Trump himself made the case for sexism by saying these indecent statements even though he made them several years ago.

In my country, America is seen as a good friend and people rarely slam it. The Republican Party also has a very special record with us because of George W. Bush, who decided to oust Saddam Hussein in 2003. Before him, his father was the head of the coalition that established a no-fly zone for the Kurds in 1991.

Here, the people view America as their rescuer and protector due to its role in several stages in history and the US presidents have always had a special position among the public. However, Trump’s statements regarding women are bringing a kind of shame to the public. His actual statements could not even be fully translated into the local language because these words are not used by us. According to US values, the president should represent the highest expression and application of humanitarian behavior in his private life, which should be reflected in his presidency performance. To be the US president is definitely not a joke.

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