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Op-Ed: Seven reasons why the next months may be dangerous for Israel

Elizabeth King explains why the next few months may be very dangerous for the Jewish state if Trump announces the renewal of the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. According to King, Israel has little to gain and much to lose in the upcoming “peace” talks.
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When US President Donald Trump arrives in Israel next week, he may announce the start of peace talks between the Palestinians and Israel. Whether this will be a regional conference or just one brokered by the United States remains to be seen.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has been tutored by World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder and shown how to act as a statesman. Unlike the previous “peace” talks, Abbas has not yet saddled the holding of these talks with any preconditions. He appears ready to sit down and talk with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

However, despite the excitement it has engendered in some quarters, these “peace” talks are a minefield for Israel. Here are 7 reasons why:

1. As can be easily discovered by anyone who looks at Palestinian writings, the real goal of the Palestinians is the dissolution of the Jewish state and its replacement by the “State of Palestine,” which will be “judenrein.” So if the Palestinians really don’t want peace with Israel, there will not be peace. The stabbings and murder of Israelis will continue as Palestinians will believe, and rightly so, that terror brings Israel to the “peace” table and is the catalyst for concessions by Israel.

2. As has been shown by the unfortunate situation in Gaza, the relinquishment of land just results in the enemies of the Jewish state increasing their ability to launch murderous attacks on Israel.

3. Fatah, the party of Abbas, is much weaker than Hamas. However, Hamas beat Fatah in most of the local elections in the West Bank. In addition, the recent elections in Palestinian colleges and universities have shown that students favor Hamas over Fatah. This means that it will only be a matter of time until Hamas will take over all the land that relinquishes, either by force or through elections. This, of course, would ultimately result in a war between Hamas and Israel, with Hamas situated even closer to Israel.

4. Abbas is an old man. Even if he were sincere about peace, which his actions have shown he is clearly not, his successor would be far more radical and unlikely to pay any attention to concessions made by the Palestinians, such as a demilitarized state.

5. The relinquishment of Arab areas of Jerusalem, as proposed by Olmert in 2008, would result in situations similar to those of the War of Independence, in which armed convoys were required to take Israelis from one Jewish area to another separated by an Arab enclave. For example, Har Hatzofim, where Hebrew University and Hadassah Hospital are located, is separated from Jewish areas by Sheikh Jarrah.

Ultra Orthodox Jews visit the Temple Mount compound Photo Credit: Sliman Khader/Flash 90

6. With the announcement of the establishment of a Palestinian state, the world will run to pump millions, maybe even billions, into the new country. The temptation to use much of that money to purchase weaponry will be too great for the Palestinians to resist, especially if Hamas is in control. Thus, the new demilitarized state will soon have at its disposal ever more sophisticated weapons to use against Israel.

7. Finally, and most importantly, Abbas cannot afford to leave the “peace” talks with an agreement that does not contain major concessions by Israel regarding East Jerusalem, especially when it comes to its holy places. Even if Abbas would agree to the internationalization of these places, this spells disaster for Israel. International protection for Israel is a farce. France and the United States assured Israel that the Straits of Tiran would be kept open. When Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser seized them in 1956, no one did anything. International peacekeeping forces have not helped Israel, rather they have helped the Arabs. Should the Arabs decide to seize the Temple Mount, the international forces would not do anything to stop them. Maybe a few countries would protest in the United Nations, but that would be it. The Palestinians have a track record of preventing Jews from visiting their holy places. When Jordan ruled East Jerusalem, Jews were forbidden from worshipping at the Kotel. Today, one can only visit Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus at the peril of one’s life.

To summarize, Israel has little to gain and much to lose in the upcoming “peace” talks. The Palestinians don’t really want peace and no matter which plan is drawn up, Israel will not gain peace. Israel will only find itself battling more terror. Furthermore, the world will not applaud Israel for its sacrifices, as can be seen when it relinquished Gaza. Finally, Israel’s reticence to accept major concessions will incur the wrath of Trump and the world, which will again cast Israel as an “aggressor” and “occupier” that does not want peace. Abbas does not want peace. He seeks to carve Israel into indefensible pieces.

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