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Op-Ed: Mind Space Methodology and De-Radicalisation Model

Pakistani writer Noor Dahri explains a new and innovative method for countering terrorism and radical Islamist extremist ideology.
Photo Credit: Noor Dahri

There are many de-radicalization programs active in the western world ready to counter the extreme narratives but the model I have been analysing for years and present here is called the dynamic process model of radicalisation based upon Mind Space Methodology. This program was introduced by Norwegian counter radicalisation/ terrorism expert Mr Tahir Mehmood. Mr Mehmood has a very unique de-radicalization model that I am connected with for many years.

This model has provided a logical method to decode different types of extreme variables within a mind space which runs interactive management of the process after interfacing of external variables which we call root causes etc. I believe within 3-4 years, the world can control the main extremist dangers and Jihadist threats that destroyed civilians and governmental infrastructure completely by using this model because of its operational value. This model is formed on the methodology and no one ever have formatted in this systematic and knowledge based manner. I never heard or seen these accusations to relate radicalization as a cognitive process with mathematical equations.

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This model is universal and could cover all solutions of the victim nation for all types of radicalisation as the sole dynamic cognitive system is the same for all categories of radicalisation. If this model is introduced to the world, this will positively change the geographical social layers. It is applicable everywhere because there are many national and transnational problems in the world. This mind space methodology based model works throughout the mind of an extremist and it will affect their negative thoughts psychologically, by identifying and reversing every unwanted variable as mapped through the model.

This model has presented how the mind process works from extreme thoughts to moderate thoughts or vice versa. Many intellectuals link violent radicalisation to root causes, catalysts and triggers; this bears relevance to understand the cultivation as an external factor but what about internal factors? Such as the human mind space which as a principle runs our thought process.

There is no consensus on the definition of violent radicalisation among countries, intellectuals or be it scholars, everyone has their own definition or they are adding/subtracting each other’s definition by adding their own personal bias, experience and knowledge.

This shows our divided global approach to counter terrorism, the enemy “terrorism” is a common one to all who enjoys the freedoms of living but each of us are looking at this common enemy with a different view through diverse definitions and understanding this is another gap. We are not trusting each other as states and academics but still we are allied forces to counter this common enemy that is terrorism.

There is no doubt a majority of us who have identified the phenomenon that is radicalisation, but has anyone in the field defined the process scientifically or rationally based on cognitive descriptive knowledge of all transitions or defined the process with algebraic equations? None of the global intellectuals are able to define the process in a scientific sense, why is someone radicalised and why others with the same experience are not? There is not a universal model of the process of radicalisation available presently, a universal model that can define the process for all categories and logically a universal process model can be vital to develop a united front like the Mr Mahmood model.

I must mention one thing that every master of this field would agree on that radicalisation as a process is a psychological norm. It’s a total mind process system.  One could assess this system through education and in a theoretical way but cannot contract to damage it because to counter the radicalisation; one must introduce a mathematical and empirical system to stop the radicalised process in the mind of such extremists, as an operational value.  It is totally a practical process.

There are many shapes of radicalisation. A few I mention here.

  • Right wing radicalisation
  • Left wing radicalisation
  • Ethno- national radicalisation
  • Religious Radicalisation

I introduce one new system of radicalisation which I call:

  • Crime based radicalisation

The first four radicalisations are very well known in the world through the educational system and these four shapes of radicalisations are being taught in universities and academic institutes but the last 5th one known as crime based radicalisation is not very well known but only present in very small areas of study or research. We do not forget that the process of radicalisation goes through the mind by psychological ways so we treat and deal with every extremist based on psychological processes.

The crime based radicalization is being treated by the criminal psychologists while the religious could be treated by either criminal psychologists or religious psychologists. Radicalization is linked with the human mind’s diverse functions. The instability among the rational functions opens the process function of radicalization.

For example, if the process of radicalisation to violence is not defined, how do we determine the preventive tools? Our existing methods are clearly not bringing any concrete change, be it preventive or rehabilitating offenders to integrate back into society and this has led to discussions, seminars, conferences, publications. We have deviated from empirical solutions and research to the conceptual world of research and solutions.

There are few de radicalization gaps in currently present counter terrorism institutions and what about 200 other gaps, including what we summarize as experience based ambiguous indicators without establishing knowledge based link to indicators. There are hundreds of gaps as mind space methodological models describes and each gap defines the process of extremist’s thought. Finding gaps is the step forward to make corrective and preventive solutions.

We have tried to protect and validate our conceptual knowledge by writing so much irrelevant material in order to create this complex world of terrorism and by determining from the start, “it's a complex process,” we start to deviate from objective work to the realm of subjectivity.

There are many types of the expressions of violent extremism that exist in a society.

  • Behavioural/ hidden expression of violent extremism
  • Verbal/ open expression of violent extremism
  • Physical/ forced expression of violent extremism

Behavioural violent extremism is a kind of hatred which leads to racism. One who is infected at this stage does hate others but he/she does not disclose it openly.

Verbal violent extremism is a kind of hatred as well but he who possesses it shows his hatred based attitude through his behaviour and verbal expressions.

Physical violent extremism is the last stage of the violent extremism when someone physically attacks by using his physical power against the opposite individual.

Any policy composed with the knowledge based method will be successful, if the policy maker defines a complex problem as a dynamic process with its system dynamic and interactive management of all variables. Also, all variables are mapped systematically by identifying all indicators as output of all types of variables running the process. Therefore, policy can equally define how to retard, reverse and stop the process at the correct points of intervention by countering and reversing variables. This seems to be the future of policy making by using process science of the human mind space because every policy has a cognitive link.

In my opinion, there is only one mind space expert, Mr Mahmood, who is a God given gift to humanity, who has the solution on how to stop sending these unwanted messages to the mind or how to immune the mind against unwanted messages. I am still learning from this model and methods, which is the academic and comprehensive solution for universal extremism. This model can not only damage the extremism but totally demolish and destroy the mind process of extremism across the world.

Mr Mahmood is a highly professional expert on the mind process. He has great life experience working with the people who were radicalised and affected by the extreme ideology with field research work. He knows exactly, where the problem is, how it runs and what is the prime solution to prevent someone committing the crime of terrorism. I hope the Mind Space Methodology Model will bring peace and love within all communities beyond race, religions, culture and color if implemented in an effected society.

JOL Blogger | Noor Dahri

Noor Dahri is the director of the Pakistan Israel Alliance. He is an independent counter-terror expert based in London. He is an honorary member of the ZF-UK.

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