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Op-Ed: Dealing with disappointment

William Goldstein weighs in on UNESCO’s decision that questions the Jewish people’s connection to Jerusalem’s holy sites and urges people to never give up when they encounter disappointing situations.
Jewish people praying at the Western Wall Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Most of the news today in the US is about the election of course. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump claims that the whole system is rigged. There's a good chance he's right but that's not the issue. The issue is how he expects to set it straight!

The news in Israel seems to be focused on the UNESCO decision declaring that there's no connection between the Temple Mount and the Jewish people. This is a real kick in the head for Israel and the Jewish people all over the world of course. Some UN personnel are apologizing for this, probably fearing that it smells a bit too much of anti-Semitism, which it is of course.

This makes the UN look very bad indeed. The sad part is that the UN was once a hope for this world. This development is really disappointing, just as disappointing as the failure of the German government to stop Adolf Hitler in the 1930s. This world is a great hope to young people - most young people. They grow older, marry, have children and then slowly lose every real hope they ever had. They get sick and weak but the best of them continue to smile and hide their disappointments as best they can.

After all, who's to blame? What did they really expect from life anyhow? Well, you'd have to have asked them when they were young because they forgot a little bit at a time along the line. They compromise and settle for a comfortable chair and cup of tea in the shade. They hoped for eternal friendship. They hoped for love, understanding and freedom, not fear and doubt. They hoped for new and better things they'd dreamed of - moving with the waves of the universe - exhilarating with the intensity of life and the endless joy of knowing more.

What they got for all their hopes were a few photos of them with their grandchildren on the beach and chronic backache that nearly brought them to tears every time they stand up. This is the basis of disappointment. It is life's struggle. It is painful and difficult. If it wasn't as difficult as it is, it wouldn't be enough of a challenge for people to warrant their interest. That's the way people are! They'll keep going until they win. And they will win one day and it will all have been worth it.


This is why they bought the ticket in the first place but most of them have forgotten all about that and are too bruised to remember even if they wanted to. So, UNESCO disappoints them and it cuts deep right into that place that needs help so badly. By the way, don't think the Arab countries that voted in favor of this nonsense haven't been disappointed too. I'm sure they have been. They're below failure. They're blaming Israel! That's pretty low.

So there's a choice. Blame the system like Donald Trump does and claim that this world is rigged (which it is by the way) or try, try again and win in spite of the difficulty, drink the sweet wine of victory until you're bored with your success and try something more difficult!

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William Goldstein is a retired chemistry teacher from the School District of Philadelphia. He was also a chemical engineer and worked on the Apollo 11 Camera at RCA in Hightstown, New Jersey. He studied at the University of Pennsylvania. He currently lives in Derby, VT.

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