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Dec 20 2014

Weekend Edition: Singer Shlomo Artzi makes wounded soldier king of the world
After a long and difficult recovery, Ohad was…

Dec 17 2014

Does the Harry Potter series have a Yidishe wizard?
One of the characters in the Harry Potter series…

Dec 17 2014

Ashkenazi and Sephardic traditions on lighting Chanukkah candles
Women are included in the mitzvah of lighting…

Dec 16 2014

Happy Hanukkah from IDF Soldiers
Watch IDF troops welcome Chanukah with a resounding…

Dec 16 2014

Diverse Chanukkah traditions around the world
As Jews around the world celebrate Chanukkah,…

Dec 13 2014

Weekend Editon: Kobi Peretz, singer accused of tax evasion, performs for the Tax Authority
The Government workers themselves chose Perez…

Dec 05 2014

Watch: Ehud Banai Performs at Ethiopian Festival
Shai Pardo, the artistic director of the Ethiopian…

Nov 15 2014

Weekend Edition: The Musical Cats Comes to Israel
In 1981, Andrew Lloyd Weber staged a very different…

Nov 01 2014

Weekend Edition: Demonstrators Bring 100 Wheelchairs to Protest The Death of Klinghoffer Opera
There was a lot of noise surrounding the premiere…

Oct 31 2014

Weekend Edition: Aviv Gefen and Shlomo Artzi Pay Tribute to Fallen Soldiers
Aviv Gefen shared a personal story with his audience…

Oct 28 2014

Fresh Paint 7 Contemporary Art and Design Fair to be Held in Tel Aviv
The Fresh Paint 7 Contemporary Art and Design…

Oct 19 2014

Weekend Edition: Glorious Musical Tribute to Arik Einstein
35,000 people gathered for a 3 hour musical tribute…

Oct 17 2014

Weekend Edition: Ethnic Food Battle Taken to the Test
For the New Year feast, Ofira Alon prepared her…

Oct 16 2014

The Simcha Torah Celebration
Today, the Jewish people are celebrating Simcha…

Oct 16 2014

A peak into a Sofer's workday
A Sofer provides details of the holy book-writing…

Oct 10 2014

Weekend Edition: Shlomi Shaban Composes Cancer
While the Israeli musician Shlomi Shaban has collaborated…

Sep 27 2014

Weekend Edition: Leftist Yehoshua Sobol Wins Prize for Zionism
When the playwright, Yehoshua Sobol won the prize…

Sep 26 2014

Weekend Edition: Pro-Palestinians interrupt Israel Prize winner Lea Keonig in Amsterdam
The Israeli actress Lea Keonig received a very…

Sep 20 2014

Weekend Magazine: Haredi Wing of Beit Shemesh School Closed
Beit Shemesh needs another 400 classrooms for…

Sep 13 2014

Watch: Lady Gaga Landed in Israel
The international singer arrived in her private…

Sep 06 2014

International Stars Arrive for Eilat Jazz Festival Despite Security Situation
The jazz singer, Diane Schuur, was a bit hesitant…

Aug 31 2014

It's Official: Lady Gaga to Perform in Israel in September
The concert will be taking place in two weeks…

Aug 24 2014

Watch: Singer Rita in Surprise Visit to Ashkelon
The singer Rita surprised the residents of Ashkelon…

Aug 24 2014

A Final Farewell to the Controversial Menahem Golan
"He loved cinema so much that if you pricked him,…

Aug 11 2014

ANALYSIS: The Importance of Tu B’Av
As Jewish couples celebrate Tu B’Av today, it…

Aug 05 2014

ANALYSIS: The Significance of Tisha B’Av
Historically, today is one of the saddest days…

Jul 28 2014

Watch: Iron Dome Becomes New Tourist Outing
Despite the threat of rocket attacks, Israelis…

Jul 12 2014

Watch: New Movie about Women in the IDF
Zero Motivation tells the story of 3 clerks who…

Jul 11 2014

Watch: African Asylum Seekers Write Children’s Book in Hebrew
The story tells of children in Africa and the…

Jul 06 2014

Watch: When Mayumana's Banging on Tables Meets Classical Ballet
What happens when a group of performers who sing…

Jun 20 2014

Watch: Shlomo Artzi Rocks London with Variety Performance
As the audience gathered outside with the excitement…

Jun 13 2014

Watch: New Show about the Hearing Impaired Debuts in Tel Aviv
Although there was a special performance of "Tribes"…

Jun 02 2014

Watch: 7, Yes 7, Pianos on One Stage
7 pianos!! It will be a crazy mixture of ethnic,…

May 28 2014

Watch: Israel's New PR Weapon - Hummus
The first historical record for eating hummus…

May 23 2014

Watch: Assi Dayan, Israel's Star, Tired and Sick, but Creating until the End
In 2012, he released his final film "Dr. Pomerantz…

May 18 2014

WATCH: Lag Ba'Omer Celebrations Begin In Israel
On Saturday night, Lag Ba'Omer celebrations began…

May 15 2014

Watch: Golan Welcomed at Independence Shows Despite Protests
Despite a difficult year for Golan and protests…

May 13 2014

WATCH: Israeli Singer Adir Getz Sings in Memorial of Young Man Killed
Adir Getz performs the song Guy, which was written…

May 10 2014

Watch: Extremely Loyal One Direction Fans in Israel
A mother even supported her daughter's choice…

May 09 2014

Israel Won’t Make it to the Eurovision Finals Competition
Israeli representative May Feingold didn’t succeed…

May 06 2014

ANALYSIS: Why I Am Proud To Be Israeli
On Israeli Independence Day, JerusalemOnline political…

May 05 2014

Torch-Lighting Ceremony Marks Transition To Independence Day
The traditional torch-lighting ceremony in Israel…

May 02 2014

Watch: Israeli TV Show about Relationships and Happiness
Ran acknowledges that it was the product of the…

May 02 2014

Watch: Washington Audiences Delighted by Camp David Play
The height of excitement was the moment when the…

Apr 22 2014

Mimouna: A Festive Moroccan Jewish Festival
Moroccan Jews across Israel are celebrating the…

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