7 gifts for the Jewish holiday of Sukkot

In honor of the Sukkot holiday, JerusalemOnline proposes 7 gifts that one can purchase for those that we care about in order to show our appreciation for the great efforts they put into arranging the holiday festivities inside the sukkah.
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1) Sukkot and Simchah Torah song book: A book that teaches children songs related to the Sukkot and Simchah Torah holiday.  Aside from teaching them the lyrics for the song, it also plays the song so that children will learn to sing along and have fun during the holiday.

2) Citrus box: Traditionally, for the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, we pray utilizing the 4 species plus a citrus.  During the holiday, the citrus fruit is very expensive and is considered a delicacy.  Given this, having a special box to place ones citrus fruit inside of is considered an ideal gift.

3) Bottle of wine: During the holiday of Sukkot, Jews traditionally do the Kiddush inside of the sukkah. Having a bottle of kosher wine produced locally in Israel greatly enhances the celebration of the Sukkot holiday.

4) Sukkot food basket: While Jewish families eat all of their meals inside the sukkah, a great gift for any Jewish family is to contribute towards the feast in the sukkah under the stars. A food basket full of sweets such as honey cake, baklava, fresh fruit and other goodies highlighting that we seek a sweet new year will greatly enhance the festivities.

5) Sukkot children’s book: Children very much want to enjoy and to be part of the holiday.   In order to make them feel more included, children’s stories that teach them about the importance of the sukkot holiday are a must in order to enhance their education.

6)  Flowers: While dining inside the beautifully decorated sukkah, a bouquet of flowers grown locally in Israel will greatly enhance the ambiance inside the sukkah.

7) Jewelry for the lady hosting the feast: While going to dine inside the sukkah hosted by a woman that you care about, you can show your appreciation for her by purchasing beautiful fine gold jewelry on the Star of D website. This way, she can brighten up the sukkah this holiday season with a joyful smile. 

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