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Israeli Actress Ayelet Zurer


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Published On: Jun 19, 2012

A Special Interview with Ayelet zorer

After starring in big budget blockbusters Angels and Demons and Superman, Israeli film star ayelet zurer is used to Hollywood fame.
She’s been interviewing with co-star mark duplass about her new film called darling companion s/u  in the film, she plays a mystical gypsy alongside stars diane Keaton and kevin klein who is trying to help find their missing dog. Zurer says she connects to her mystical side s/u  Zurer’s high point this year comes playing superman’s mother. The director of is Lawrence kasdan, who also directed the big chill. He had this to say about zurer s/u kasdan is set to come to Israel to see if Jerusalem will be the location for his next film.  Zurer, for now, is staying in Hollywood.

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