'Foxtrot' wins second place prize at Venice Film Festival despite Israeli criticism

Israeli Minister of Culture Miri Regev slammed the new Israeli film 'Foxtrot' for painting the State of Israel and the IDF in a bad light. However, despite her criticism, the film received great applause and was awarded Silver Lion second-place prize last night (Saturday) at the Venice International Film Festival. Regev responded the film's win saying that films that criticize Israel are "almost automatically embraced and sympathized by the world."
Second place for Foxtrot at the Venice Film Festival Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Amid Israeli Minister of Culture Miri Regev’s harsh criticism, the Israeli film “Foxtrot” directed by Shmulik Maoz won the Silver Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival last night (Saturday). This was Maoz’s second win at the Venice Film Festival, considered to be one of the most prestigious festivals in the world.  

In 2009, Maoz won first place at the Venice Film Festival with the film "Lebanon" another film that looks at Israel’s complex reality. "Foxtrot" deals with a father who is anxious about the fate of his son, a soldier serving at a security checkpoint in the West Bank, and is flooded with traumatic memories from his army service after he receives some bad news.  The film was highly acclaimed at the festival receiving great applause following its screening.

Miri Regev Photo Credit: Alex Kolomisky, Flash 90/Channel 2 News

Regev, who attacked the film’s creators and even confronted its lead actor, Lior Ashkenazi while he visited her, referred to the film’s awarded praise. "The State of Israel has the most moral army in the world whose young soldiers are required to deal with a vert complex reality every single day," Regev’s statement read.

"It is regrettable that Israeli films criticizing the State of Israel, harming its name and that of IDF soldiers, are almost automatically embraced and sympathized by the world. The place for Israeli artists to contribute to the incitement of the younger generation against the most moral army in the world through the spread of lies under the guise of good artistic work is in the past,” Regev continued.

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