Entourage’s Adrian Grenier records commercial in Israel

Entourage star Adrian Grenier visited Israel for the first time recently in order to star in an Israeli commercial. However, the Hollywood star also visited a few Tel Aviv restaurants and some holy sites during his trip.

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Adrian Grenier, best known for playing Vincent Chase in the Entourage HBO series and the 2015 film, visited Israel recently for this first time in order to star in an Israeli commercial.

These days, Grenier is mostly busy with philanthropic activities. While his visit lasted only 52 hours, he did take the time to try some famous Tel Aviv restaurants and visit various holy sites throughout the country.

Grenier Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Grenier is starring in a commercial for the Israeli website BuyMe and according to assessments, Grenier is getting paid approximately $150,000. This is the second time that the Israeli gift card website has brought an Entourage star to Israel for a commercial. Less than a half a year ago, BuyMe brought Jeremy Piven, who plays Chase’s movie agent Ari Gold in the series and movie, to Israel.

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