Special surprise for fans attending Guns N’ Roses Tel Aviv concert

Guns N’ Roses made an announcement regarding a surprise for their concert in Tel Aviv’s HaYarkon Park, which will end their European tour: the concert will last for three-and-a-half hours. Due to the band’s request, the producers announced that the concert will now begin at 8:00 PM.
The concert will last for three-and-a-half hours Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Guns N’ Roses will finish off their European tour in Israel and as a result, they announced a pleasant surprise to their fans: the concert in Tel Aviv’s HaYarkon Park scheduled for this Saturday will be three-and-a-half hours long and the band will perform a majority of its songs.

Due to the band’s request, the event’s producers wish to inform that the starting time of the concert has changed and the band will take the stage at 8:00 PM. Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown will be opening for Guns N’ Roses at 6:45 PM.

Concert tickets are completely sold out and an estimated 61,000 people will be in attendance at HaYarkon Park to watch the rock band. The production company stated that the largest stage to ever be built in Israel will be utilized for the concert with a length of 60 meters, a depth of 18 meters and a height of 16 meters.

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