Guess Who Crashes Jewish Wedding

"We told him we were Jewish and he wished us Mazel Tov!"
Adam Sandler crashes Jewish wedding in Montreal. Photo: MLLE SANA PHOTOGRAPHY

hile Kevin Goldstein and Alexandra Steinberg were taking wedding photos in Montreal last week, they spotted a familiar face nearby. 

That face belonged to one of their favorite movie stars — Adam Sandler. And he agreed to appear in a few hilarious wedding shots the couple will never forget. 

"Basically Adam was staying at the hotel we had our wedding at," Goldstein told The Jerusalem Post via email on Monday. "My wife, Alex, recognized him immediately and yelled at him to come over! He did right away." 

Goldstein said the couple are huge fans of Sandler and his films, and were shocked that he trotted right over to say hello. 
"We told him we were Jewish and he wished us Mazel Tov!" Goldstein said. "He then offered to snap some pics with us. He was great and down to earth."

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