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Homeland Cast visit Israel


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Published On: May 23, 2012

Homeland Cast come to visit Israel - Watch now

The award winning series homeland, based on a popular Israeli tv series, arrived in Israel to shoot some of the shows. Star Claire Danes was in Jaffa, which was meant to look like Beirut, for the filming. Do-star, Jewish actor Mandy patenkin, was working on his Hebrew. Patenkin who is in Israel for the fourth time, volunteered on kibbutz here when he was just 18. based the Israeli series chatufim, or kidnapped, homeland won several awards Gideon  raf, the creator of the Israeli series, was surprised when star Claire danes thanked him personally  the American cast met president shimon peres and got emotional when former abducted idf soldier gilad shalit arrived on the set.  Patenkin  and screenwriter howard Gordon revealed some of the themes of the series second season 


This scene is meant to simulate a Jerusalem school following a large  earthquake. This is also how an urban area can look following a missile attack.  This is a joint exercise between Israeli and us military forces drilling rescue missions following such a missile attack. In the case of an onslaught of such missile attacks, Israeli forces won’t be able to deal with the severity of the destruction alone and apparently will need help.  s/u the American force is from the national guard.  The teams are both learning from one another and coordinating efforts and technological know how.  The Israeli commander said no country can deal on its own with the devastation a alrge scale earthquake can cause and that international aid can help.  Its not the only joint exercise between the two countries. In the coming months Israeli fighter planes will be holding drills in the us. Cooperation between the two forces has been growing of late. At the end of the summer, us military forces will join Israelis for a large scale missile defense exercise.


It was the first ever group of its kind. Birthright for adults. 28 Jews who had  never been to Israel before. All of them were parents of college students who had come to Israel on birthright themselves.  There are however, some differences between birthright for college kids and birthright for their parents. The kids go for free, parents pay 5000 dollars. Organizers say they hope it doesn’t stop here.

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