Israel’s pride in Paris fashion week

15-year-old Avital from Haifa walked on the runway as part of Paris' fashion week, alongside some of the world's top models.
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During the recent Fashion Week in Paris, all of the top models were there to close the Miu Miu show. This included Gigi Hadid, Taylor Hill and a young girl from Haifa who had just burst on to the runway scene. 15 year old Avital Langer was on pins and needles until she heard just hours before the show that she would be walking the runway.

“I screamed because I was so excited,” she said. “I didn’t want to go back to Israel with nothing.”  Her family was also very excited to hear the good news. Fellow Israeli Sophie Michener was also very pleased. “This is another step in my career,” she explained. “It is such an honor to meet these models.” 

“Gigi Hadid sat next to me as they did my hair and makeup,” enthuses Avital. “And I’m like, Gigi Hadid? Am I in the wrong place? She is perfect!  I have a picture with her.”  She then recalls how Sophie helped her on the runway, “She made sure I was alright. She held my hand and calmed me down.” 

Now, Avital is expected to get offers for other shows and campaigns around the world. Roberto Shoshan, her agent, praised her, “She did a great job for her first runway. We will have to consider her next campaign very carefully.”  Sophie was also happy to have a friend with her. 

“We held hands in the restaurant hoping that we would both be accepted.”  “I feel that I brought pride to more than my family, I represented my country,” says Avital. “Sophie and I together.”

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