Jerusalem presents: Sounds of the Old City music festival

Sounds of the Old City is an exciting music festival that will take place in the Old City of Jerusalem. The festival is unique as it incorporates the different cultures and religions of the city. One can walk through the different quarters and enjoy the variety and connection between the city and its people.
Photo credit: Danielle Shitrit/ Flash 90

Towards the end of March, for the fifth consecutive year, Jerusalem will present a music festival known as Sounds of the Old City. What is unique about this festival is that it showcases the different cultures, traditions and religions of the city.

Starting from the Jaffa Gate and walking through the alleyways between the Armenian, Jewish, Muslim and Christian Quarters, one can enjoy the exciting music and celebrations of each culture.

Photo credit: Danielle Shitrit/ Flash 90

The festival is organized in collaboration with the Jerusalem Development Authority, the Ministry for Jerusalem and Heritage Affairs, the Jerusalem Municipality and produced by Ariel Company. It will be open for everyone and free of charge.

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