Jewish Agency invites Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler to immigrate to Israel

After he reportedly told his fans that he is “making Aliyah,” Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler was invited to immigrate to Israel by none other than Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky.
Steven Tyler at the Western Wall Photo Credit: Rob Ghost/Flash 90

Chairman of the Jewish Agency Natan Sharansky has invited Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler to apply for Israeli citizenship after the latter apparently told his fans last night (Wednesday) during the band’s performance in Tel Aviv that he wants to move to Israel.

Aerosmith played in Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park last night in front of 50,000 Israeli fans of all ages. During the concert, Tyler reportedly told his fans that he is “making Aliyah.” Sharansky invited Tyler to visit a Jewish Agency shaliach (representative abroad).

“While some believe the Israeli experience entails living on the edge, life in Israel puts one back in the saddle of Jewish history, and we know Mr. Tyler doesn’t want to miss a thing,” Sharansky wrote on Facebook. “Theodor Herzl said that if you will it, it is no dream. Mr. Tyler no longer has to dream on. I invite Mr. Tyler to contact The Jewish Agency’s Global Service Center at 1-866-835-0430 in order to start the Aliyah process.”

Before the concert, Tyler visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem and ran into America’s new ambassador to Israel David Friedman.

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