Mom’s Chicken: Succulent Solutions for the Holidays & Year-Round

If you are looking for a simple and delicious culinary solution for family and friends during the upcoming holiday season, you’ll relish the succulent selection of Tnuva’s “Mom’s Chicken” products, which are available at local supermarkets.

The “Mom’s Chicken” series of products, which includes: Grilled Seasoned Chicken Tenders, Chicken Breast Jungle Breaded Animal Shaped Breast Patties, Sesame Breaded Chicken Tenders, Breaded Star Shaped Chicken Breast Patties, Chicken Breast Nuggets and Extra Thin Chicken Breast Patties are all made with fresh cut white meat chicken breasts, contain no preservatives or fillers and have 0g trans-fat per serving.  All of “Mom’s Chicken” products are also USDA approved.

“Mom’s Chicken” products, which are OU-Glatt Kosher, can go from your freezer to the lunch or dinner table in minutes, making it a favorite amongst kosher consumers seeking quality alternatives for family meals. While “Mom’s Chicken” can be served all year ‘round, the combination of festive holidays and Shabbosim in the coming weeks presents a challenge for those who cook, as well as hungry family members of all ages and guests.

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“The Mom’s Chicken line of products, which has enjoyed enormous success amongst Israeli consumers, was designed to present the perfect solution for busy families, moms and dads on-the-go, throughout the year. But it’s also a fantastic solution during this year’s busy holiday season as well, when many extra formal and informal meals will be served,” said Yoram Behiri, President of TnuvaUSA. “Every product offers a quality, alternative to either frying or baking various chicken dishes for every member of the family, which can be time consuming. Just pop a Mom’s Chicken product in the oven and in minutes, you’ll be serving a piping hot and delicious meal.”

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