Returning the color to Israeli film classics

Many of Israel's cinematic classics are now going through a process of digital restoration.
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Even those Israelis who have not seen some of the local cinematic classics can easily recognize the faded films with scratchy sound which make them so well known.  All of this is about to change.

Guy Hen, a film editor explains, “You see the picture is milky white. I just adjust the brightness, color and contrast. The difference is like night and day.”  Another editor, Amnon Atzmon admits that it was bizarre for him to see the enhanced films. “By association, the color is wrong. It doesn’t look like the original. Actually, the original is not right.” 

Two years after adjusting the film of “Halfon Hill is not Answering”, the film producer Moshe Edri decided to continue and “fix” other Israeli classics. “In Europe, the governments give money for such projects,” says Edri. “Unfortunately, in Israel, we have to pay. Someone has to do it for future generations.”

This is how “The Policeman Azulai” looks in a movie theatre in 2017. This movie was one of the featured films in a special Israeli Film Day. All films which were produced this past year will be shown in theatres for a symbolic 10 shekels per ticket. This year, the audience was also treated to the old, new classics.

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