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The Original “Homeland” TV Series


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Published On: Nov 03, 2012

The Original Homeland - Israeli TV Series

The star of the original version of Homeland, created in Israel, Asi Cohen, called his role in the series very powerful. The first season ended with a twist: the character that Cohen plays was thought to be dead but he in fact was alive and well. The second season focuses on the character, who apparently  converted to Islam while being held captive in Syria. Cohen almost didn’t take the role. But the creator of the series convinced him.

Gidi Rap never imagined that Homeland would be as successful as it was.  Homeland is one of the most successful series in the world and has garnered a number of prizes, including several Emmies.  Rap says he continues writing in order to maintain perspective. Rap denies that the series is based on Gilad Shalit, who was still in captivity when the first season was being made. Since being released, Shalit even visited the set ofHomeland and is a fan of the series. Rap says the series is about returning home from captivity. Cohen learned Arabic for the series with a private tutor. Before this role, Cohen was better known as a comic actor. His new challenge, he says, was the most interesting of his career. 

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