Weekend Edition: Singer Matti Caspi meets the dancers of Mayumana

Mayumana is best known for its mesmerizing dancing and drumming, but in a new collaboration with Israeli music legend Matti Caspi, they are doing much more than that.
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Boaz German, the artistic director of Mayumana explained a new collaboration, "This is not the usual Mayuman standing on barrels and drumming. It's very new." Matti Caspi added, "It is very flattering that they are using my music, taking it in new -- Don't bother me, please, " he says addressing the thunder with his typical dry humor.

The usual tin can drummers were not present in a recent rehearsal of Mayumana. Ruth Aharon was very excited and nervous to sing in front of the legendary Caspi. "It's f . . . ing Matti!" she exclaimed. "Afterwards, we waited, Caspi clapped his hands once and said, 'I clapped – I loved it.'"

Through the performance of Mayumana, Caspi's classic songs receive an interpretation which he has never heard. German added, "There were songs which Matti was sure we couldn't adapt like 'Ani Eshtagea' (I'll Go Crazy)." "It's new clothing with new spices and it's tasty. It looks good and sounds wonderful," enthuses Caspi in his trademark deadpan manner.

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