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Oct 22 2014

Not only Berlin: Paris is also cheaper
A comparison performed by an Israeli in a Parisian…

Oct 15 2014

IPhone 6 price in Israel – among the highest in the world
The IPhone 6 launch prices stands at 3,800 shekels…

Oct 08 2014

The Budget for 2015 was Approved
After a 10 hour long meeting, most of the ministers…

Oct 07 2014

Flug on the State Budget: "The deficit will increase"
During the cabinet meeting held to approve the…

Oct 07 2014

Lapid: "The protest organizers are anti-Zionists"
The finance minister criticizes Israelis living…

Oct 07 2014

Following the protest: periphery cutbacks annulled
PM Netanyahu decided to freeze the periphery tax…

Oct 07 2014

Settlement Reached with the Postal Services: Sanctions Continue
The Ministries of Finance and Communications will…

Oct 07 2014

The Budget will be submitted today for the Government’s Approval
The cabinet will discuss the approval of the country’s…

Oct 01 2014

The 2015 state budget decree
In spite of Lapid's announcement that no tax increase…

Sep 22 2014

Real Estate Transactions Down
According to a report by the Finance Ministry…

Sep 19 2014

Workers Union chairman Nisnan Koren: Without solution we will halt the market
In the emergency meeting held today, the workers…

Sep 18 2014

63% of the public don’t believe that 0% VAT will help
A survey conducted by Channel 2 News shows that…

Sep 18 2014

IPhone 6 will be arriving in Israel at the end of October
The new Apple devices will be arriving in Israel…

Sep 14 2014

Finance Ministry Refuses to Raise Taxes
The ministry submitted the national budget for…

Sep 10 2014

How Much Will the New IPhone Cost in Israel?
Estimations suggest that the device will be arriving…

Sep 08 2014

Finance Minister Lapid repeatedly promises not to increase taxes
Yair Lapid promises that Operation Protective…

Sep 02 2014

Flug: "Exceeding the deficit will lead to tax increase"
Governor of the Bank of Israel warned that increasing…

Sep 02 2014

Lapid promised Piron: budgetary cutbacks to be refunded
Sources say that Lapid has promised that the next…

Aug 31 2014

Lapid and Flug: Continue the Dialogue
After a public dispute about raising the taxes…

Aug 31 2014

Opposing the Crosswise Cutbacks: "It is a disgrace"
Ministers and MKs oppose the 2% budget cutbacks…

Aug 28 2014

Why do celiac patients pay so much more?
People with celiac disease suffer from a sensitivity…

Aug 25 2014

Interest reaches historic bottom of 0.25%
The Bank of Israel reduced the interest by 0.25%…

Aug 25 2014

"Rename the Turkish Coffee”
Strauss Group, “Turkish Coffee” manufacturer received…

Aug 20 2014

Z. Landau Real Estate Company declares suspension of proceedings
The company estimates that clients will not be…

Aug 14 2014

Tel Aviv: Supermarkets to open on Saturdays until November
Tel Aviv supermarkets will be able to continue…

Aug 07 2014

"In spite of Protective Edge costs we will not raise taxes"
The finance minister presented the financial consequences…

Jul 30 2014

SURVEY: 67% of Jews Won’t Buy From Arabs
A survey conducted for Globes indicated that 67%…

Jun 26 2014

"HOT" will pay a fine for the long waiting time
The members of the Satellite and Cable broadcasting…

Jun 22 2014

The Israeli Government Will Approve Millions of Shekels for Judea and Samaria
Israeli government ministers are expected to approve…

Jun 11 2014

Not Suckers: “Golan Telecom” Workers Unionize
Workers at the telecom company, which urged its…

May 13 2014

ANALYSIS: Lapid’s Latest Initiative Helps Young Israelis
Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid’s move to…

May 12 2014

Lapid: “The One Who Contributes More Will Get More”
After the criteria for receiving 0% VAT tax for…

May 07 2014

Yad2 Website Sold for NIS 800 million
Bezeq sells Yad2 website to Axel Springer German…

Mar 20 2014

Francisco Partners Acuires Israeli Intelligence Start-up, NSO
Sale of NSO software will require Defense Ministry…

Mar 19 2014

Chief Economist Resigned Over Lapid’s New Initiative
Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid suffered a…

Mar 15 2014

IDB : Nochi Dankner Accuses Moti Ben-Moshe Of Money Laundering
Nochi Dankner has filed “an urgent motion for…

Mar 14 2014

Teva To Pay $27.6 Million To Settle Fraud Charges
The company does not admit to charges of paying…

Mar 09 2014

Moti Ben-Moshe's "Extra" Group Conducts Press Conference
As Nochi Dancher was expected to file new documents…

Mar 08 2014

Teva VP Ika Abravanel Resigns
Abravanel’s is the first senior departure from…

Mar 02 2014

New 50 Shekel Banknote To Be In Circulation
The Bank of Israel announced that there will be…

Feb 27 2014

Chinese Hurun Rich List: Eyal Ofer Is Richest Israeli
Eyal Ofer is the richest Israeli, with a fortune…

Feb 25 2014

Bank Of Israel Lowers Interest Rates
The monetary committee of the Bank of Israel lowered…

Feb 20 2014

Brainsway Installs New Devices In US And Scandinavia For Treatment Of Depression

Feb 19 2014

Bank of Israel Issues Bitcoin Warning: ‘Could be Used to Fund Terror’
In an announcement released by the Bank of Israel…

Feb 18 2014

Three Bids Submitted To Build Two New Ports In Israel
The new ports in Haifa Bay and South Ashdod will…

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