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Israel Finance News

Dec 17 2014

Majority of Israelis cannot meet their budgets
A large segment of the supposedly middle class…

Dec 14 2014

Delek Group negotiating deals with Egypt, UK and Turkey
In efforts to diversify its markets and increase…

Dec 12 2014

OurCrowd sets record on first day of summit
The Israeli crowdfunding company announced it…

Dec 07 2014

Online Gift Stores Fight Boycott of Israel
Give Supporters a Practical Way to Challenge the…

Dec 04 2014

Bronfman Group sells last shares in Discount Bank
The shares were distributed by Citi at a 2.8%…

Dec 02 2014

Early elections to make big hole in public's pocket
Estimated at 1.5-2 billion shekels, early elections…

Dec 01 2014

ELTA to cooperate with Czech counterpart
IAI subsidiary signs agreement with leading Czech…

Dec 01 2014

IAI sales up in Q3
Profitability increased as well

Nov 27 2014

Bank Leumi near deal with US Justice Department
The US authorities suspected Bank Leumi helped…

Nov 23 2014

Fitch downgrades Israel's credit rating
Cites impact of summer war and deteriorating geo-political…

Nov 21 2014

Weekend Edition: Cofix Revolutionizes Supermarket Prices
After the raging success of Cofix, the five shekel…

Nov 19 2014

Dollar continues appreciating against Shekel
If trend continues could reach symbolic 4 Shekel…

Nov 18 2014

Lapid threatens to block Yisrael Beytenu Mortgage Bill
Treasury officials oppose bill which would enable…

Nov 17 2014

Economy contracted during Q3
July war contributed to negative performance,…

Nov 16 2014

Israel’s five major banks agree to settle class action suit
Banks agree to settle major class action suit.…

Nov 12 2014

Finance Committee Passes Bill Reducing VAT on Apartments to Zero Percent
Speaker Edelstein threatens to prevent bill from…

Nov 11 2014

Tel-Aviv stores to continue operating on Shabbat
Court defers ruling enabling stores to continue…

Nov 11 2014

Budget passes first reading
Bill now goes into committee where changes can…

Nov 10 2014

Discount-coffee chain owners join grocery-store market
Initiators of low-cost coffee shops will be opening…

Nov 07 2014

How Low Can You Go? How do Israeli Salaries Compare with other countries?
After recent arguments regarding Israelis living…

Nov 05 2014

Finance Minister to increase price controls
Finance Minster Yair Lapid says he will put more…

Oct 29 2014

Leumi Bank is in the center of an American tax investigation
An American official claimed that an investigation…

Oct 22 2014

Not only Berlin: Paris is also cheaper
A comparison performed by an Israeli in a Parisian…

Oct 15 2014

IPhone 6 price in Israel – among the highest in the world
The IPhone 6 launch prices stands at 3,800 shekels…

Oct 08 2014

The Budget for 2015 was Approved
After a 10 hour long meeting, most of the ministers…

Oct 07 2014

Flug on the State Budget: "The deficit will increase"
During the cabinet meeting held to approve the…

Oct 07 2014

Lapid: "The protest organizers are anti-Zionists"
The finance minister criticizes Israelis living…

Oct 07 2014

Following the protest: periphery cutbacks annulled
PM Netanyahu decided to freeze the periphery tax…

Oct 07 2014

Settlement Reached with the Postal Services: Sanctions Continue
The Ministries of Finance and Communications will…

Oct 07 2014

The Budget will be submitted today for the Government’s Approval
The cabinet will discuss the approval of the country’s…

Oct 01 2014

The 2015 state budget decree
In spite of Lapid's announcement that no tax increase…

Sep 22 2014

Real Estate Transactions Down
According to a report by the Finance Ministry…

Sep 19 2014

Workers Union chairman Nisnan Koren: Without solution we will halt the market
In the emergency meeting held today, the workers…

Sep 18 2014

63% of the public don’t believe that 0% VAT will help
A survey conducted by Channel 2 News shows that…

Sep 18 2014

IPhone 6 will be arriving in Israel at the end of October
The new Apple devices will be arriving in Israel…

Sep 14 2014

Finance Ministry Refuses to Raise Taxes
The ministry submitted the national budget for…

Sep 10 2014

How Much Will the New IPhone Cost in Israel?
Estimations suggest that the device will be arriving…

Sep 08 2014

Finance Minister Lapid repeatedly promises not to increase taxes
Yair Lapid promises that Operation Protective…

Sep 02 2014

Flug: "Exceeding the deficit will lead to tax increase"
Governor of the Bank of Israel warned that increasing…

Sep 02 2014

Lapid promised Piron: budgetary cutbacks to be refunded
Sources say that Lapid has promised that the next…

Aug 31 2014

Lapid and Flug: Continue the Dialogue
After a public dispute about raising the taxes…

Aug 31 2014

Opposing the Crosswise Cutbacks: "It is a disgrace"
Ministers and MKs oppose the 2% budget cutbacks…

Aug 28 2014

Why do celiac patients pay so much more?
People with celiac disease suffer from a sensitivity…

Aug 25 2014

Interest reaches historic bottom of 0.25%
The Bank of Israel reduced the interest by 0.25%…

Aug 25 2014

"Rename the Turkish Coffee”
Strauss Group, “Turkish Coffee” manufacturer received…

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