Google Tel Aviv briefs employees for the event of an Israel Tax Authority raid

After months of struggle against tax authorities across the globe, Google’s branch in Tel Aviv is now also preparing for the day that the Israel Tax Authority comes to read their offices. Two weeks ago, the company’s Israeli employees were convened for a briefing on how to conduct themselves in the event of such a raid.
Preparing for an Israel Tax Authority raid. Google Photo Credit: Reuters / Channel 2 News

Google’s worldwide struggle against tax authorities is now reaching Israel, as according to the reports all the employees at the company’s Tel Aviv headquarters were convened two weeks ago in order to receive a briefing as to how they should conduct themselves on the day that the Israel Tax Authority raids their offices.

In the briefing, the employees received information about their rights as well as guidelines on how to answer various questions that could be posed by tax authority inspectors. The employees were also instructed which questions to answer and which would be better left for their lawyers and accountants.

The extensive briefing is part of the new measures being taken by the multinational company after tax authorities raided its headquarters in France and Spain.

Google stated in response: “Training our employees regarding their obligation to cooperate with all official authorities is a common and proper procedure amongst many international and local companies. Google also holds trainings for all its employees across the world which deal with issues such as abiding by the law, ethics, harassment and incorruptibility.”

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