Greenbo Israeli Railing Planters

Israeli company Greenbo produces an innovative and eye catching range of products for urban gardens

Israeli company Greenbo produces an innovative and eye catching railing and decks planters and flower boxes. A unique saddle design means the Greenbo planters can fit onto balcony railings around the world in a veriaty of 15 vivid colors.  

Roy Joulus is a passionate entrepreneur with a burning desire to turn his start-up company into a global industry leader. With a huge potential market, in a few short years Greenbo’s unique appeal has taken it around the world. Designed and built with sustainable and recycled materials, the cutting edge Greenbo planter has recently been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design award by leading figures from the world of design.

With a background in design Roy Joulus lived for 12 years in a Tel Aviv apartment with a very small balcony. A keen gardener, he was constantly frustrated by the lack of available space to grow plants without giving up his limited floor space. When he did buy window boxes he found they didn’t fulfil his requirements: the window boxes were poorly designed, with no choice of colours and only allowed flowers to face one way. “The street was enjoying my flowers and not me!” he says.

Roy had a revolutionary idea to design a saddle shaped planter and patented rail system that would fit over any shape or form of railings without the need for special adjustments or effort. In addition, Greenbo has a special no drip drainage system that means you can capture and reuse excess water. With an eye for design, Roy made sure that Greenbo was available in a range of ten colours.

Despite this fantastic business proposition, Roy found it impossible to secure a loan from commercial banks; Israeli YBI member Keren Shemesh stepped in providing Roy with a startup loan. The loan panel at Keren Shemesh which approved the loan and assigned Roy a mentor to help him grow his business commented that the entrepreneur possessed a rare  combination of “creativity and a highly meticulous nature.”

Roy made a key decision to produce his planters in a range of bright colours

Roy is in no doubt about the importance of the multifaceted support he received from Keren Shemesh. “[Keren Shemesh] majorly contributed to the initial steps of Greenbo. Besides the loan for the initial start, the knowledge and mentoring in the first steps were very helpful.”

In only a few short years, Greenbo has cracked the international market, selling its growing product range online through huge retailers like Amazon and to retailers in the US, Europe, Latin America, Australia and beyond.

After the receiving the loan Roy left his full time job to focus on Greenbo. He was later joined by his father and two additional partners. The Greenbo team are all determined to turn this successful start-up into a global brand and are investing heavily in company infrastructure and new product designs in order to secure constant and sustainable growth.

Because of this Roy and other shareholders Meir Chaklai, Maya Golan & Avi Joulus take only minimum salaries and are determined to invest every penny back into the company. As proof of his dedication Roy still carries out other work to ensure that every penny is invested in Greenbo.

“Growing a company such as Greenbo to be a world leader requires a strong belief and willingness for personal sacrifice. My partners and I are willing to pay the personal price as we believe in our company.”

Having grown his sales and product range every year for the past three years the company is working to open branches in the US and Europe. Because of the nature of their core product, Greenbo has a potentially limitless market with no dependence on a country’s culture or balcony design.

Roy (right) moves his Greenbo stock with the help of his mentor

It is not just through global sales last year that has illustrated Greenbo’s design credentials. The company has just been awarded the Red Dot Design award, a truly prestigious title that is voted for by the world leading product designers.

Greenbo Israeli Railing Planters

Previous winners include Apple, HTC and BMW.  Roy & Greenbo won the Red Dot Award at a ceremony in Germany and the Greenbo planter was placed in the Red Dot Design museum.

Statement by the Red Dot  jury:

"The innovative way of attaching these flower boxes gives them an unconventional and appealing appearance." 

Roy is a consummate entrepreneur whose grit and determination to get his big ideato market is remarkable, and has been rewarded with the chance to take his product to a global audience.

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