Israel real estate: Why a former top model would give up city living for a pioneer view

Many home-seekers and investors set their sights on the polished stones of Jerusalem or the gleaming high rises of Tel Aviv. But there are new horizons on the market to be explored … with all the comforts of the big cities. In a charming new video series, former top model Michaela Bercu chooses her ideal luxury home in the space in-between.

A new generation of real estate experts knows what you want even before you do. In recent years, the luxury Israeli real estate market has traded its sandals for starched shirts, and now expertly meets the expectations of its sophisticated and savvy clientele.

The series follows Michaela as she elegantly explores the off-the-beaten path high-end real estate landscape – from fully-customizable luxury interiors to unobstructed pioneer desert views. She glides around Israel in her gleaming white SUV to meet with developers and tastemakers, gathering information as she goes. Through her eyes, we gain exclusive access to new projects in well-established areas, and your next great investment.

The series takes us inland to HaChashmonaim in the center of Modi’in. Conveniently located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, the blooming, vibrant town is not just for commuting - it is a destination all its own. At HaChashmonaim, each apartment is 165 sq meters - the interiors of which are totally customizable.

Down the road on Havana Park Lake, HaTziporim feels like a lush oasis nestled into the desert landscape. The property’s architects appreciated the serenity and power of the panorama, and designed each unit’s windows to have unobstructed views - so the land is truly yours alone to behold. The setting is ideal for both families and those looking for a quiet place to retire.  

Fall in love with Israel’s landscape - and Michaela - for the first time - all over again.

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