Israeli prospects: A billion shekels a year from exporting medical marijuana

According to the appraisals, a billion shekels a year would enter the state treasury if the export of medical marijuana were approved. The Finance Ministry is trying to promote the issue, which could mean a substantial strengthening for farmers in Israel’s periphery, including in the Gaza Envelope.
A billion shekels a year. Illustration Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Despite the opposition of some of the Israeli ministries, the Ministry of Finance has recently been promoting a government decision that would allow Israel to export medical marijuana. According to some of the appraisals, such a move could bring a billion shekels a year into the state treasury. The government is scheduled to debate the issue in a meeting next Sunday.

The demands brought forth by the Manufacturers Association of Israel and farmers from across the country to allow the export of marijuana have received significant reinforcement these days, as the Finance Ministry supports the demand and is even acting behind the scenes to promote a government decision on the matter. The demand now has real chances of becoming an official policy, despite the opposition of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior.

The marijuana growers were the ones to report these recent developments, but the Finance Ministry confirmed the reports and noted that the Israeli potential for exporting medical marijuana is a billion shekels a year, an incredible number considering the fact that Israel’s total yearly agricultural export stands at 5 billion shekels.

If the decision were to be implemented, it would mean, amongst other things, a substantial strengthening for farmers in Israel’s periphery, including in the Gaza Envelope. Australia, Germany and the Czech Republic are already interested in buying Israeli medical marijuana, which is considered one of the best in the world.

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