Will another massive cyber attack be launched in June?

The hacker group that released the Windows SMB (Server Message Block) software tool that was used in the massive cyber attack over the weekend has promised to release more bugs that can cause even more damage. The group plans to release the software tools in June.
Illustration Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The Shadow Brokers hacker group, which released the Windows SMB (Server Message Block) software tool used in the massive cyber attack that began on Friday, has emerged with a new threat. The group announced on Wednesday that it plans to release more bugs and exploits for desktop and mobile devices in June, according to The Hacker News website.

Unlike the security breach that led to the current cyber attack, the group will now demand “monthly dues” from every hacker who wants to use the new hacking tools, which are expected to be even more destructive. “In the first stage, the group wanted to create [a level of] trust among the hacker community and thus it released a small sample, which caused the global panic we saw last weekend,” said Roni Bachar, VP of Cyber Technologies at the Avnet Cyber and Information Security firm.

Bachar added that he believes that the Shadow Brokers group has a number of other software tools that are just as powerful as the previous one that was used over the weekend. “But I believe that the security companies, Microsoft and the others, will purchase the tools in order to research them and develop suitable protection.”

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