Cyberattack on its way to Israel: 2BSecure prepares for Anonymous’ threat

Every year, the Anonymous hacker group promises to execute a cyberattack against Israeli websites in response to Israel’s so-called treatment of the Palestinians. The hackers try to shut down government and large company websites and also try to steal Israeli citizens’ information. Israeli cyber security company 2BSecure is preparing to follow and thwart the cyberattacks from their war room.
Cyberattack on Israeli websites Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The Anonymous hacker group promises to conduct a cyberattack against Israeli websites every year, asserting that it is in response to Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. This week, increased hacking activity was already felt as they prepare for their cyberattack that will start tomorrow (Friday). Israeli intelligence establishments follow after the attackers and provide live updates on their activity. One of these establishments, cyber security company 2BSecure, explained what it is they do.

The screens within the company display a map of threats and attacks around the world: “This is how we see which countries and which addresses are attacking and who they are attacking,” they explained. “This information is used to understand the situation at any given moment - and also to compare and understand if these entities are planning to harm any of our customers.”

When a warning lights up, the incident is considered a high degree of severity: “There are ongoing attempts that we always see, and we currently see an increase in threats.”

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