Ethereum's newest update criticized by Israeli-American computer scientist

Speaking at Financial Cryptography 2018 in Curaçao, Israeli-American computer scientist Dahlia Malkhi called Ethereum's newest update, Casper, "fundamentally vulnerable."
Dahlia Malkhi Screenshot from YouTube

An Israeli-American computer scientist has become the first in her field to publicly criticize Ethereum's new update, calling it "fundamentally vulnerable."

Dahlia Malkhi, a distributed systems expert and a researcher at VMware, made these remarks while speaking at Financial Cryptography 2018 in Curaçao on Friday.

Casper, Ethereum's long-anticipated update that is set to be launched in 2018, promises to switch the blockchain-based distributed computing platform from a proof-of-work system to the greener, more cost and energy efficient proof-of-stake system.

But according to Malkhi, the proof-of-stake system has its own strong disadvantages. "I think proof-of-stake is fundamentally vulnerable," she said in her keynote address. "You’re giving authority to a group to call the shots ... In my opinion, it’s giving power to people who have lots of money."

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