Young Israeli girls develop app designed to help Alzheimer's patients

A few girls from a high school in Sheikh Danun near Nahariya developed an app to help Alzheimer's patients improve their mood. The girls won first place in the Innovate for Good competition and are planning to launch the app soon.
The creators of SinGold Photo Credit: Vera Bello/Channel 2 News

In the northern Israel village of Sheikh Danun, an inspiring group of high school girls recently developed a special app designed to help Alzheimer's patients. The girls were participating in the Innovate for Good project, funded by the Israeli Education Ministry, Appleseeds Academy and Microsoft. “This was an exciting and educational experience,” said one of the girls.

The girls decided to work on a project related to Alzheimer's after one of them shared how difficult it has been for her ever since she discovered that her grandmother was diagnosed with the disease. She said that the feeling that there is nothing she can do in order to help her grandmother bothers her.  

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Young Jewish, Arab, Druze, Bedouin girls from all over Israel participated in the Innovate for Good project, working for the past three months in order to find technological solutions to social challenges. After the group of girls from Sheikh Danun decided to work on a project related to Alzheimer's, they contacted EMDA, the Alzheimer's Association of Israel, in order to gather research about the topic. They discovered that various research studies show that music considerably improves the general mood of dementia patients and reduces the consumption of drugs.

This is how the idea for the SinGold app was born. The app helps Alzheimer's patients create special playlists based on their preferences. All a patient needs to do is enter some of his or her character traits into the app and the app will pick the songs that fit his or her character.

“This was an exciting and educational experience,” said Rozet Nihad Adraz, one of the girls in the group. “During every free minute we had, we worked on it from school and from home. We wanted to succeed.” Rozet and the other girls in the group won first place in the final event of the competition. They plan to upgrade the app soon and then launch it.

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