Israeli technologies that will amaze you: Physiotherapy virtual reality game

The latest Israeli medical technologies were presented in Tel Aviv today at the MEDinISRAEL conference. Over 100 Israeli companies presented their breakthrough technologies.
VRPhysio's physiotherapy treatment game Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Today (Tuesday), the MEDinISRAEL conference in Tel Aviv kicked off with over 100 Israeli companies presenting the advanced medical technologies that they developed. One device is capable of detecting when a person is about to experience a cardiac arrest and calling an ambulance. Another is a sensor that will send an alert to your phone when your baby’s diaper needs to be changed.

For cardiac arrest patients, the speed of the first responders is crucial. The Israeli company Cardiax developed a defibrillator the size of a cell phone, which attaches onto the body using electrodes. When the device detects that the person wearing it is about to experience a cardiac arrest, the device sends the person a message that he needs to lie down and sends another message to his relatives. The device also gives the person electric shocks and even calls an ambulance if needed.

Cardiax's defibrillator Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Anyone who has gone through physiotherapy treatment knows that the rehabilitation process can be very difficult and complicated. This is the reason why VRPhysio created a virtual reality game that makes the process fun. Patients wear the virtual reality goggles and perform rehabilitation movements all while playing a game.

Ultrasound examinations during a pregnancy are expensive and require making an appointment. The Israeli company Hermed developed an at-home ultrasound device that allows soon-to-be parents to monitor their baby’s heartbeat, anytime and anywhere.

Digisense's sensor Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Parents are always finding creative ways to know when their baby needs a diaper change. However, these ways do not always prove to be very effective. The Israeli startup Digisense developed a sensor that attaches onto the baby’s diaper and alerts the parents when it needs to be changed. The sensor is also suitable for adult diapers.

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