Google Israel reveals: 62% of Israelis take pictures daily with their smartphones

Google Israel has released some interesting data about smartphone use in Israel. Find out what Israelis like to take pictures of with their devices and who saves more files on their phones: women or men.
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Nowadays, almost every Israeli has a smartphone. But it turns out that these devices are not just “phones” to most Israelis. According to Google Israel, the average Israeli smartphone owner has more than 1,160 photo or video files saved on his or her device. 62% of them take pictures on a daily basis. The number of Israelis who take pictures every few hours increased by 21% compared to two years ago and as a result, the average number of pictures saved on a smartphone has grown by 45%.

If you were wondering who the extraordinary photographers are, here’s your answer: women and teenagers. Men have an average of 920 pictures saved on their devices while women have almost 1,400. The number of saved pictures is the highest among young people.

What could Israelis possibly be taking so many pictures of? 51% of Israeli smartphone owners mostly take pictures of their children. 32% tend to capture nature and stunning sceneries with their devices and 25% enjoy taking pictures of their significant other. 21% like to take pictures of their friends and 18% are addicted to taking selfies.  

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