New Israeli innovation: The less you smell, the more weight you’ll lose

The search to find ways to help those who suffer from obesity lose weight has led researchers to tackle the issue through the sense of smell. A new device, a silicone sleeve that is placed inside the nose, diminishes the sense of smell and could help those who have tried and failed all other types of weight loss.
The Simple Diet Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Assaf, who has suffered from obesity since he was a child, has tried all the diets one can think of however, nothing ever worked. But, then saw a newspaper ad that invited people like him to participate in a new experiment at the Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikvah, where the effectiveness of a new innovation for weight loss was being tested.

This Israeli invention is called Simple Diet and was developed by a startup called Beck Medical. This tiny silicone sleeve is inserted inside the patient’s nostrils and diminishes the sense of smell without affecting the ability to breathe. The idea is simple: the smell of food opens our appetites so the less we smell, the less we eat.

41-year-old Assaf weighs 119 kg. “I was interested in gastric bypass surgery,” said Assaf. “But, unfortunately, my weight doesn’t allow me to undergo these surgeries. I’m not fat enough.”

After trying the new device, Assaf talks about a significant change. “It’s incredibly changed my life,” he stated. “In three months, I lost around 17 kg. Anyone that saw me couldn’t believe it. They didn’t even know that something was stuck in my nose. They were just sure that I was doing some sort of diet.”

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