Netanyahu probes: 55% of social media users think PM is innocent

Amid a turbulent week for Netanyahu, a narrow majority of 55% social media users believe he is innocent, while 45% think he is guilty.
Photo credit: Channel 2 News

An analysis of social media comments regarding the investigations involving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggests that a narrow 55% majority of users believe Netanyahu is innocent, while 45% think he is guilty.

"We are seeing a certain decline," says Raviv Tal, the CEO of Vigo, a company that specializes in monitoring information from social media. "It's somewhat difficult to say whether it is right-wing users who stopped supporting him or if it has to do with specific developments."

The Likud party is reportedly planning a support rally for Netanyahu, set to take place next week in Tel Aviv.

Earlier on Sunday, Education Minister Naftali Bennett said his HaBayit Hayehudi party is "fully supportive of the government."

"The State of Israel needs stability," Bennett said. "The prime minister is innocent until proven otherwise, and I hope this probe ends without an indictment. I have complete faith in the law enforcement authorities and the Attorney General, and there is no need for political pressure or unnecessary demonstrations."

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