iPhone 8 price, date of launch revealed

According to the New York Times, the next iPhone will be launched on September 12th and will cost 999 dollars- more than any other iPhone to date. Yesterday, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 8.
Galaxy Note 8 Photo credit: Samsung/ Channel 2 News

Today (Thursday), the New York Times revealed that the next iPhone, iPhone 8, will cost 999 dollars, making it the most expensive iPhone ever sold. According to other reports, Apple is expected to launch the new product on September 12th, the same day that it always presents its new products.

Yesterday, after months of anticipated, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 8. The screen size will be 6.3 inches, the largest so far in the Note series and will cost over 1,100 dollars. As in the previous models, the Note 8 will also be equipped with an S Pen, allowing new ways to write, draw and operate the phone.

In addition, the S Pen will have a new translation feature that will translate in record time after hovering over the selected text. The smartphone will be dust and water-resistant, will have wireless charging and will allow for different means of biometric identification.

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