‘iPad’ launched in North Korea by local tech company

A North Korean tech firm has begun advertising a new tablet called the “Ryonghung iPad.” Even though the name appears to be a violation of Apple’s trademark, it is unlikely that the American tech giant will take action.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un Photo Credit: EPA

North Korean tech company Ryonghung recently launched a new handheld tablet called the “Ryonghung iPad.”  While the North Korean company appears to have violated the Apple company trademark, Apple Insider reported that the American tech giant will most likely not take any action.

Ryonghung is advertising that its device is “popular among customers” and has “more than 40 apps.” The company also boasts that its tablet amazed attendees of a 2016 national science and technology fair that was held in North Korea, where the Ryonghung iPad was first revealed.

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