First official Apple service center to open in Israel

Apple has announced that an official service center will open around May to cater to its growing number of Israeli users. The service center, although good for users, will likely affect the current authorized resellers and unauthorized repair shops in Israel.
Apple is opening its first authorized service provider in Israel this May Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

One of the world’s leading tech giants, Apple will finally open its first officially authorized service provider in Israel around May of this year, a welcomed announcement for Israel’s annually increasing number of Apple users.

The new service provider will not only repair products but will also serve as an Apple distribution and collection center. The anticipated opening means local users will no longer need to rely on overly-priced repair labs to fix their broken iPhone screens and Mac computer problems using unofficial parts and cheaper knock-offs.

For example, to repair an iPhone 7 Plus’ broken screen costs $149 (~560 NIS) in the US while in Israel, such a repair could cost anywhere between 990-2,250 NIS.

The new service center will use official Apple replacement parts, work under the product’s purchase warranties and charge similar fees to those charged by Apple in other countries.

Currently only a select number of stores are permitted to sell Apple products, such as iDigital, iStore, Bug and cData, which are all known as Apple Premium Resellers.

Such stores and providers currently offer repair services under purchased Apple warranties. The official service lab’s opening is expected to negatively impact not only these formal resellers but also the smaller unofficial tech repair shops which will render fixed Apple products unwarranted.

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