Samsung creates revolutionary app to help millions communicate

Technology giant Samsung created a revolutionary application that will assist millions suffering from a neurological disorder communicate using emojis.

While most people are familiar with emojis and would consider them as nothing more than a silly way to communicate with friends, Samsung created a special tool using emojis to help people with a certain disorder.

Aphasia is a neurological disorder that makes it almost impossible to understand and formulate language. People who suffer from aphasia often can’t speak, read or write, although their intelligence remains the same. Samsung’s Wemogee uses emoji combinations as a communication tool. The application was developed by the tech giant’s Italian subsidiary in cooperation with speech therapist Francesca Polini.

Photo credit: JEON HEON-KYUN

Wemogee has a textual and visual mode. One can send a regular text message, which will then be converted into emoji combinations for those who suffer from aphasia. So far, the app has approximately 140 emoji phrase combinations.

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