Tel Aviv provides innovative DigiTel Resident Card to India

Earlier this month, Thane, India chose Tel Aviv’s DigiTel Resident Card program as its model for DigiThane. The programs are new digital engagement platforms that allow for more resident accessibility to city services.
The DigiTel logo Photo Credit: Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

This month, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality’s DigiTel Resident Card program was chosen as a model for DigiThane: a new digital engagement platform for Thane, India. For the past five years, Tel Aviv has been leading a digital revolution with its DigiTel Platform: a resident card program utilized by nearly one third of the city’s residents. This innovative platform strengthens bonds between city officials and local residents by enabling greater accessibility for residents to city services via email, text or a website tailored to individual needs.

DigiTel helps reduce the cost of urban living, offering discounts to a variety of events and activities such as outdoor events, cultural institutions and sport and leisure. Furthermore, the platform provides residents with live updates regarding their neighborhood and the entire city. As a result of the DigiTel Initiative, Tel Aviv-Yafo was named the World’s Smartest City at the 2014 Smart City Expo in Barcelona, which is the leading conference concerning digital innovations in urban environments.

“DigiTel is now receiving international recognition for its innovative approach to improving residents’ access to municipal services and easing the cost of living in a city,” stated Tel Aviv-Yafo Mayor Ron Huldai. “The unique partnership between Tel Aviv-Yafo and Thane is an exciting example of a future where cities will collaborate and learn from each other on a global scale.”

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality will not only allot the DigiTel technology to Thane, but will also guide the city’s officials as they employ the platform. In return for the technological assistance provided by Tel Aviv, Thane will reimburse the system development costs in Israel.

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