Personalized Coded Couture by Google and H&M

The fashion industry's specific clothing design is expected to be revolutionized with a new project nicknamed Coded Couture, where custom made clothing will be created based on personal data collected via an app.
The fashion industry is going hi-tech Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

In the coming years, tailors will no longer need to take measurements since everything will be coded. This year’s Fashion Week that took place this past month in New York City may very well be one of the last in which the models don clothes custom sewn by the designers themselves. Coded Couture is expected to become the future of fashion, where a computer will “learn” the customer’s lifestyle and accordingly design and produce custom made clothing uniquely fitted for them.

Google, in cooperation with H&M Group’s digital fashion house Ivyrevel, has been experimenting with a new innovative application in its trial stage that monitors the user’s personal activities and recommends and designs a suitable clothing style.

Using Android’s Awareness API, the application "learns" for a week what the user does, their lifestyle, habits, locations and climate. A special algorithm then creates customized dress designs depending on the data collected called “data dress” technology.

Ivyrevel promises that users will be able to purchase the personally computer-customized garment for no more than $99, which in comparison to top fashion designer clothing is very affordable.

Currently, the app is still in its alpha stage of development and trial users are expected to receive in a month their first custom designed dresses after which they will review the new “Coded Couture" fashion.  According to Ivyrevel’s website, the application will be publicly launched later this year at which point technology will likely forever change the fashion industry.

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