The Israeli glasses aiding the blind and visually impaired

Mobileye was sold this week for more than $15 billion and the two co-founders of the Israeli startup already have another new and creative idea up their sleeves: glasses with a small camera that will assist people who are visually impaired or blind to read and recognize people.
OrCam Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

OrCam, the second startup of Mobileye co-founders Amnon Shashua and Ziv Aviram, manufactures glasses that will help people who are visually impaired or blind just like hearing aids help people who are hearing impaired.

“Before the glasses, I would sit and read a lot,” said 15-year-old Ofek Sasson from Ramat Gan, who is visually impaired. “I would get tired faster. With the help of the glasses, I’ve cut my study time down and I can study continuously.”

The glasses sell for between 11,000-15,000 NIS. However, the Israeli Welfare Ministry recently announced that it will considerably subsidize the cost of the glasses for people who are blind.

“I received a phone call from a disabled IDF veteran who lost his eyesight during the Battle of the Chinese Farm [part of the Yom Kippur War],” explained Bar Noy from the company. “He told me that he went to the mall, bought a book and after 40 years, he was able to read it.”

Earlier this week, it was announced that Intel will be buying the Mobileye for $15.35 billion, the largest amount any company has paid to buy an Israeli startup.

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