What are the most popular websites in the world?

A new world data map reveals where different website rank in different countries. The results are clear and not very surprising – Google leads as most popular across most of the globe with Facebook right behind

Most popular websites map

What are the most popular websites in every country? Two geography analysts collected the rankings of websites throughout the globe ad managed to present the data by country. The results are conclusive – Google and Facebook rule.

As can be seen by the world data map, Google rules most of the globe with complete presence in North America, Europe, South East Asia and Israel as well. Facebook is second with its presence standing out mainly in South American and North African countries.

The data isn’t surprising in the US and Europe, after the ranking of websites by popularity was already published by data company “Alexa”, but the truly surprising data comes from the more remote places in the world.

World dominance. Google Photography: Reuters

What is the most popular website in the Palestinian Authority?

In Asia for example, Chinese search engine “Baidu”, shown in green on the map, leads. The website is known as the most popular search engine among the Chinese and that is how it became the search engine used by the largest population in the world – over a billion people set “Baidu” as their home page. Additionally, “Baidu” is also the most popular search engine in South Korea. It even passed South Korean search engine “Naver”.

Most popular in China. Baidu Photography: Reuters

Another surprising fact that is shown by the data is Yahoo’s dominance in Japan and Taiwan, where it is considered the most popular website. And what about the Palestinian Authority? According to the map the website of Saudi newspaper “Al Watan” is the most popular website for Palestinians.

Email “Mail.Ru” is the most visited website in Kazakhstan, while social network VK is the most popular website in Belarus. In control in Russia is search engine “Yandex”, which is also considered the world’s 9th largest search engine.


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