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History of Israel

Oct 16 2014

Celebration in black and white: journey to Jewish history
Hundreds of people carry Torah scrolls, dozens…

Jul 28 2014

Dear Passengers, next station - Gaza
In the days after the six days war, the relations…

Jun 11 2014

Ottoman Empire: A Safe Haven for Jewish Refugees
The Ottoman Empire was a safe haven for the Jewish…

May 29 2014

WATCH: Rare Footage of the Normandy Invasion
Exactly 70 years after the Allied invasion of…

May 28 2014

Jerusalem: The Eternal Capital City of the Jewish People since Antiquity
In honor of Jerusalem Day, JerusalemOnline political…

Feb 27 2014

WATCH: Jordan Recreates the Great Arab Revolt of 1916
In a initiative by the Jordanian Ministry of Tourism…

Jan 27 2014

Remembering Turkish heroes who saved Jewish lives during the Holocaust
Turkey saved 15,000 Turkish Jews from France and…

Nov 19 2013

Golda Meir: “Dark corners in Kennedy’s murder”
The 50th anniversary of the murder of American…

Nov 12 2013

Watch: Israeli Movie about First Knesset Members…
The movie, “Take a Bow and Confess” won a prize…

Sep 10 2013

Rare Video: Dayan after Crossing the suez canal
As part of a special project in honor of 40 years…

Aug 22 2013

After 50 years: Images of Reactor in Dimona Released
After years of censorship, photographs of the…

Aug 21 2013

Watch: Warsaw Uprising in color
69 years after the revolt, A Warsaw museum released…

Aug 03 2013

Begin’s secret interview revealed
Two 20 year old recordings contain Begin’s last…

Jul 18 2013

Photo nostalgia: The Maccabiah 80 years ago
Faster, higher, stronger – and older. In honor…

Jul 08 2013

How I lost my eye: Moshe Dayan report revealed
After over 70 years, IDF archives reveal Dayan’s…

Jun 23 2013

A Father Rediscovered in Auschwitz
The last time Abraham saw his father was 72 years…

Apr 07 2013

Visual Evidence of Mass Murder
The Auschwitz Album is the only surviving visual…

Mar 11 2013

Antique Train Returns to Beersheva
It’s been fifty years since anything of its likes…

Jul 19 2012

American Doctor Volunteer
An American Doctor who Volunteered in the Yom-Kippur…

Jul 03 2012

Einstein's Writings Online
Albert Eintein's writings go Online

Jun 27 2012

The Eichmann Trial
A look back at The Eichmann Trial

Apr 30 2012

Rare Israeli Military Parade
Rare Footage from old Israeli military Parade

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