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The Eichmann Trial


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Published On: Jun 27, 2012

A look back at The Eichmann Trial

Fifty years after israeli courts gave the death sentence to Nazi archcriminal adolf eichman, the united nations held a special session on the issue. Nobel laureate writer elie wiesel, who covered the trial as a journalist, spoke at the event in front of  a packed house. It’s been fifty years since the trial began, a trial for the murder of 6 million people, six million jews.

Wiesel spoke about covering the event. He said the trial brought a total change to Israeli society. Eichman was responsible for sending millions of Jews by train to the death camps throughout Europe. He is the only person ever to receive the death penalty in the history of the state of Israel. The son of the judge who presided over the trial said that his father was not in favor of the death penalty, but felt he had no choice in the case of eichman in his trial for crimes against humanity and the jewish people. Micky Hausner was amongst those who spread Eichmans ashes out at sea, outside of Israeli territory.

He said he quoted a verse from the Bible at that very moment, So may all the enemies of Israel perish.   The state of Israel was represented by government minister Yossi peled, who spoke about the importance of such a gathering in light of the threat to israel’s very existence emanating from Iran, which denies the holocaust. Peled said that a nation which had no homeland for two thousand years and which finally returned to its ancestral home doesn’t only have the right to defend itself, but the historical and moral obligation because we will not have this opportunity again.  


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