04.12.17 Newscast from Israel by ILTV

Watch the main newscast by ILTV with the main news events of the day.

  • Fresh clashes in West Bank turn violent
  • Trump still undecided on U.S. Embassy move
  • Controversial bill pulled before final vote
  • Poland Investigates ‘Naked Tag’ in death camp
  • Nazi Sympathizer raises nearly $10k on ‘Goyfundme’
  • Join the Israeli battle against hunger and poverty
  • Nazi-hunting video game kept from Israeli market
  • First Jewish ‘Miss Germany’ apparently not first
  • Decrypting cryptocurrencies
  • Pups galore!
  • Israeli Patrolman saves wedding
  • Jerusalem dance week takes off no matter what
  • Hebrew word Of The Day: CHAYAT MACHMAD | חיית מחמד = PET
  • The Weather Forecast

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