14.11.17 Newscast from Israel by ILTV

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  • Iron Dome Deployed in Central Israel 
  • State Bars European Officials Entry into Israel 
  • Police Investigate Alleged Kamikaze Drone Strike 
  • Polish Nationals Rally Against Jews in Poland 
  • Amazon Headhunting in Israel Using Massive Salaries
  • After 100 years, Günzburg collection goes public
  • Put an end to premature ejaculation
  • ‘Girl power’ takes to the skies
  • Did 5th century women ‘wear the pants?’
  • Jerusalem spiders weave a rare web
  • Bring down the cost of dental care
  • Top 5 technological advances made by Israelis
  • Hebrew word of the day: AKAVISH | עכביש = SPIDER
  • The weather forecast

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