14.09.17 Newscast from Israel by ILTV

Watch the main newscast by ILTV with the main news events of the day.

  • Egypt offers new Israel-Hamas prisoner swap
  • Israeli PM passes through Colombia to Mexico
  • Israeli PM wraps up first visit in Argentina
  • Haredi draft decision ignites controversy
  • Palestinian bid for UN tourism organization gets nixed
  • Qatar tries to meet with US Jewish leaders
  • Connect your hearing to the IOT

  • Hospital offers bed-ridden kids a virtual safari

  • Get ready for emojis like you’ve never seen them

  • Famous chefs of the world unite in Israel

  • Report: Israel behind awesome iPhone-X tech
  • Top five Israeli gifts for $100 or less
  • Hebrew word of the day: TARVAD | תרבד = SPATULA
  • The weather forecast

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