24.10.17 Newscast from Israel by ILTV

Watch the main newscast by ILTV with the main news events of the day.

  • Israel rumored to have bombed jihadists in Syria
  • Exposing the lies of the mainstream media
  • Knesset reopens for winter with new agenda
  • Israeli chef stands up against sexual harassment
  • Knesset outlaws the binary options industry
  • “Poor” Israeli caught buying $2.8 million watch
  • Israel touts the “Peace Diamond” before auction
  • Israel, PA and EU unite to prevent forest fires
  • Reinventing the baby monitor
  • Israeli scientists announce 3D-printed food
  • World famous Israeli illusionist a G-man too?
  • Hebrew word of the day: MEFURSAM | מפורסם = FAMOUS
  • The weather forecast

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