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  • U.S. citizen opens fire at Eilat hotel, kills worker, is then shot dead by police
  • Lieberman to Netanyahu: Call for elections as soon as possible
  • Thousands take part in third annual Tel Aviv bike race

A 33-year-old Eilat hotel worker was killed on Friday morning by a gunman who stole a firearm from a security guard at the Leonardo Club Hotel in the southern city, and opened fire.
The shooter, a 23-year-old American citizen from New York, also a former employee of the hotel who was fired that morning , was later killed by police during an exchange of gunfire. The hotel worker, 33-year-old Armando Abed of the West Galilee, was employed in the hotel as a chef.
Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday it is unlikely that the prime minister would manage to gain sufficient support for 2013 national budget, and said that if Netanyahu wants to hold early elections, he should do so as soon as possible.
Lieberman made the remarks during a meeting with the prime minister on Friday afternoon, which lasted for about an hour. During the meet, the two discussed the national budget, and the possibility of holding early national elections.
The third annual "Sovev Tel Aviv" ("Round Tel Aviv" ) bicycle race attracted thousands of riders on Friday.
The event, which features three different routes, the shortest of which is 7 1/2 kilometers and the longest 42 kilometers, caused severe traffic disruptions, with roads, including the Ayalon freeway, which was closed till 1 P.M.

And now for this week's headlines

Sat sept 29- Prime Minister Netanyahu clarifies Israel doesn't rule out possibility of attacking iran alone

US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro denies any disagreements between the US and Netanyahu

Jordan's President Abdullah doesn't believe
Netanyahu wants peace

Sun sept 30- Foreign Minister says elections could be moved to February

Ahmedinajad remains defiant regarding international sanctions

Hamas leader Kaled Mashaal is guest-of-honor in Turkey

Mon oct 1st- Netanyahu in negotiations to pass budget and prevent early elections

Stormy weather in Israel causes power outages but doesn't scare thousands who hit nature reserves

President Peres takes part in story- tellers festival
Tues oct 2nd- Netanyahu meets with ministers to drum up majority for Knesset approval of budget

Price tag attack on Jerusalem church

Israel celebrates Sukkot

Wed oct 3rd- Iranians protest against Ahmadinejad
Crisis between PM Netanyahu and defense minister Barak elevates
Mount Hermon evacuated after dozens of Syrians approach border

Thus oct 4th- Syria apologizes to Turkey in an attempt to prevent war.

Israeli Arab indicted for attempting to provide Hezzboloh with information on President Peres

Finance Ministry intends to lower taxes on imported dairy products by 70-80 percent

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