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  • Galilee residents suspected of smuggling Hezbollah explosives
  • Egypt army raids Sinai; Morsi fires senior officials
  • Fire fighters contain Jerusalem ,Carmel area fires

Egypt launched air strikes in the Sinai region close to the border with Israel on Wednesday, killing at least 20-23 suspected Islamic militants.
Meanwhile Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi fired his intelligence chief and the governor of Northern Sinai on Wednesday following the deadly weekend attack on troops by suspected militants in Sinai.

Cleared for publication: Thirteen northern Israel residents were arrested last month on suspicion they planned terrorist attacks. Police and Shin Bet forces seized 21 kg of C4 explosives, advanced explosive mechanisms, weapons and narcotics. The suspects were on orders from Hezbollah and were meant to target Israelis. Serious indictments have been filed against 10 of the suspects.
An investigation was launched in early July after Israeli intelligence officers received information regarding the smuggling of a large quantity of explosives.
Security forces apprehended two separate cells – a Ghajar cell responsible for smuggling the weapons, and a Nazareth cell that was meant to receive the explosives, hide them and transfer them to terrorists.
According to the police, the Ghajar smugglers are drug dealers who exploited the village's special geographical location.

Fire fighters gained control of three fires that broke out on Wednesday afternoon, two in the eastern Carmel mountains, and the other just outside Jerusalem.
Five fire crews battled the blaze in the North, located near the Jezreel Valley, with the assistance of three water-dropping planes.
Four fire fighting aircraft and twenty teams of fire fighters worked to put out the fire that broke out in Moshav Even Sapir near Jerusalem, setting fire to some 50 dunams of land.
Thick smoke approached the Hadassah-Ein Kerem hospital, and hospital staff evacuated 80 percent of the hospital visitors.

In a special interview for channel 2 news head of Israel’s Olympics team Tzvi Varshaviak refused to take the blame for the Israeli team’s failure in the London 2012 Olympics . This is the first Olympics since 1988 that Israeli athletes returned home without a medal.

And finally director David Shady was surprised that when his short film Gentle Dog was invited by the film festival New Horizon in Iran. He was especially surprised when the artistic director sent him an email signing with shalom and a smiley.

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