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  • Two Palestinians break into IDF base, assault soldier and steal his weapon
  • Syria using Scud-type rockets against opposition groups
  • Heavy storms hit Israel

An IDF soldier was lightly hurt overnight when he was assaulted at a guard's station in the IDF rama base north of jerusalem. the soldier was attacked by two palestinians who managed to breach the base's security fence.

The Syrian military has continued to fire Scud-type missiles against anti-government forces, NATO's top official said Friday, describing the move as an act of desperation of a regime nearing its end.

Mount Hermon was closed for visitors on Friday after 25 centimeters of snow fell on the ski site overnight, The stormy weather that hit Israel on Thursday continued with vigor on Friday..
the heavy rainfall has resulted in the Kinneret Lake – the Sea of Galilee – adding 6cm virtually overnight,
Flooding might occur in the Judean desert and the Jordan valley

And now for this week's headlines
Sat dec 15- Israel sends condolences to U.S. on tragic school massacre in Connecticut

Netanyahu looks into option of appointing Danny Ayalon as acting Foreign Minister for remainder of Lieberman's term.

Prime Minister sends message to Palestinians: western wall has been ours for 3000 years and will remain ours forever.

Sun dec 16- Foreign Minister Lieberman steps down

Syrian rebels close in on Assad

Israel Fashion Week returns

Mon dec 17- Israel's Attorney General meets Lieberman's lawyer to discuss indictment

Clashes between IDF troops and Palestinians in West Bank; Hamas cell nabbed
Israel approves construction of 1500 homes in East Jerusalem

Tues dec 18- Lieberman indictment delayed; no longer FM

Labor court to facilitate nurses' strike negotiations
Peres calls for immediate action on child poverty

Wed dec 19 * 15th IDF Chief of Staff Amnon Lipkin-Shahak passes away following long battle with cancer

* Terrorist who blew up a bus in Tel Aviv returned to work after the attack

* Head of Israeli Air Force says IDF is prepared, if necessary, for chemical attack by Syria

Thurs dec 20- Israel's 15th Chief of Staff laid to rest

Foreign Minister denies wrongdoing and says he'd act the same way today

Nurses' strike ends

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